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Efficiency and sustainability

Polaris North Madrid is one of the first properties in Spain to obtain LEED® Core & Shell v4 and WELL® v1 certification, both at gold level. This certification attests to a property’s level of energy savings, its respect for the environment, its use of eco-friendly materials and natural light; all of which significantly benefit a property’s occupiers.



  • 25% of materials recycled.
  • Over 30% reduction in water consumption thanks to more efficient restrooms and plumbing.
  • 40% savings in energy consumption (reducing CO2 emissions) thanks to its innovative façade which is customized and unique on each side of the property.
  • Natural light in all spaces, with high light transmittance glass and glare controls.
  • Optimum indoor air quality guaranteed by the ventilation system. Reduction of up to 50% in irrigation wáter consumption thanks to landscaping and outdoor space design, featuring plant species native to the area.